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The first written data about the island of Rab can be found in the works of ancient writers. But it is quite certain that the person on the island of Rab has lived a lot better. The findings of the late Paleolithic tools in the area of ​​Lopar prove that the paleolithic man lived here, about whom there is very little information.

This Paleolithic prehistoric man was succeeded by the progressive Neolithic immigrants, but at the end of the Neolithic, Libumi settled so that the real prerequisite is that at that time the present port and the place Rab began to emerge.

The oldest data about the island of Rab can be found in the writings of a few Greek and Roman geographers. In these writings, Rab is mentioned by the names Arba, Arva, Arbia, Arbitana. The origin of this name can not be determined with certainty, but it is assumed that in the translation of the Indo-European root ARB, this would mean dark, dark, woody, which is characteristic of this island today. This name has been adopted by today’s inhabitants, Slavic Croats, the spirit of their language and changed it in Rab.

It is likely that the name of Rab dates back to the 7th century AD, or immediately after the arrival of the first Slavs on the island, however, the oldest known document, in which one finds the Croatian name, Rab, the Latin certificate on the founding of the Monastery of St. Euphemia (Sv. Eufemije), where a museum is preserved and dates back to the 15th century.

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Lopar is a tourist community on the island of Rab. It is outside the ancient city of Rab, the administrative center of the island. Lopar is rich with sandy beaches, virgin coves, and a crystal clear sea.

You can arrive in Lopar by the Jablanac-Misnjak ferry line, which is a 10-minute boat ride, or you can use the ferry line Baska (Island of Krk) – Lopar, an attractive 50-minute boat ride, especially interesting to our visitors because of it’s proximity to Rijeka and the airport.

Lopar is beautiful with beautiful sandy beaches. There are 22 beaches, and 3 of them are for the nudists (Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac). You want to be mesmerized by a countless number of small coves with warm sea and fragrant Mediterranean plants that will invite you to …

Lopar beach, the “Rajska plaža” (Heavenly beach), spreads for 1.5 km in length. If you want to get lazy in the shallow sea and warm sand, then this is your own little paradise. If you are interested in casinos you can play with best casino sites in the UK while enjoy the sun.

Lopar has many beautiful sandy beaches. There are even 22 of these, of which 3 are nudist beaches (Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac). The countless number of small bays with the warm sea, filled with the scents of Mediterranean plants, will enchant you and encourage you to return repeatedly … The largest and most famous beach of Lopar, “Rajska plaža” (“paradise beach”), is 1.5 km long. If you long to lazy in the shallow sea, on the warm sand, then you will discover here your little paradise.

Lopar Holiday

Welcome To Lopar

If you are looking for a vacation with children in high season, you may like the right place! Lopar on the island Rab is ideal destination for you.

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Apartments Dania are located near the famous Paradise beach in Lopar, near the village of San Marino. All the amenities you need to make your stay enjoyable in Lopar.

Apartments Dania are located near the famous paradise beach in Lopar – San Marino. Here are waiting for you 6 comfortable apartments. At your disposal are swimming pool, terrace, grate, deck chairs in the garden, even 22 small bays of Lopar.

We offer 6 suites with areas between 50 and 85 m2. Each of our fully equipped apartments awaits you to be cleaned and prepared. Swimming pool with hot water, nearest beach only 5 minutes away …

We await you 6 comfortable apartments with the area between 50 and 85 m2. All our fully equipped apartments are waiting for you in good condition and ready. A swimming pool is at your disposal ..

If you are looking for a comfortable apartment for a holiday with children or friends in high season, low season, or throughout the year, you have come to the right place! Lopar is the ideal destination for you. We offer 6 comfortable apartments between 50 and 85 m2. Each of our fully equipped apartments awaits you clean and tidy. Swimming pool with hot water, nearest beach only 5 minutes away.

Welcome to our apartments on the island of Rab!